💐Eternal Love - Violet
💐Eternal Love - Violet
💐Eternal Love - Violet
💐Eternal Love - Violet
💐Eternal Love - Violet

💐Eternal Love - Violet

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💐Violet is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Brassicaceae family and the genus Violet. It is native to the Mediterranean region of southern Europe. Athens uses it as the mark on its coat of arms flag. It is the state flower of Rhode Island in the United States. At the same time, violet is also the lucky flower of Taurus.

Violet flowers are fragrant, showy, rich in color and highly ornamental. Planting in the backyard, patio or indoor pots is a good choice.

🌟How to grow:

The soil requirements are not strict, as long as it has strong drainage and air permeability.

Violet likes full sun but also tolerates partial shade.

Maintain good ventilation to prevent illness.

Water according to soil moisture conditions, prefer dry soil and avoid water stains.

A small amount of fertilizer is enough; too much fertilizer will affect flowering.

Planting time: 
Sowing can be done all year round, and the suitable times are February, March and August, September and October every year.

Growth period: 
2-3 months, if sown in February, flowering will begin in May.

Flowering period: 
80 days. If made into cut flowers, the flowering period will be shortened. With proper care, the flowering period of cut flowers can reach 20-30 days.

💐About Violet:

Flower language: Eternal love, symbolizing elegance. Violet is also the lucky flower for Taurus.

Main value: Violet has obvious economic benefits as a cut flower. It is often planted in garden beds or greenhouses and has ornamental value. Because of its sweet aroma, violet is considered to have aphrodisiac properties and is a favorite fragrance of many detergents.

💐Effects and functions of violet:

1. Violet can purify the air: Keeping a pot of violet at home can help improve the air quality at home, the flowers release Volatile oils have significant bactericidal effects and are beneficial to human respiratory tract health.

2. Violet has the effect of lightening spots and moisturizing: You can condition human skin by taking a bath with violet petals or drinking violet tea.

3. Violet can relieve tonsillitis and oral ulcers: Violet can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Therefore, if you have symptoms of oral ulcers or tonsil inflammation, you can try drinking violet soaked in water to assist drug treatment.

4. Violet has the effect of sobering up: drinking a cup of warm violet tea after drinking alcohol can have a better sobering effect.

5. Violet has the effect of protecting the lungs and moisturizing the throat: For regular smokers, if quitting smoking is difficult for you, then drinking violet tea regularly can protect the lungs and prevent it to a certain extent. bronchitis.

Special reminder: People who are allergic to pollen, suffer from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or asthma should not plant violets.

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