🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face
🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face

🔥Magic Plants! 🌈🐱Dazzling Cat's Eye Seeds×Big Face

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Dazzling Cat's Eye - The Most Comprehensive Store for Plant Seeds, Right at garden-seed.com

Dazzling Cat's Eye, scientifically known as ‘Cryptanthus Ƅiʋittatus’, is a stunning plant belonging to the Bromeliaceae family. This unique flower is beloved by gardeners and plant enthusiasts worldwide for its vibrant colors and distinctive shape.

Named after its flower's shape and color, resembling a charming and captivating little cat, Dazzling Cat's Eye typically thrives in warm climates but can also adapt well to indoor environments.

Product Features:

  1. Captivating Flowers: Dazzling Cat's Eye boasts captivating colors and unique shapes, reminiscent of a charming little cat.
  2. Planting Environment: Suitable for outdoor gardens as well as indoor potted plants, adding natural beauty to your living space.
  3. Easy Maintenance: Dazzling Cat's Eye has low requirements for sunlight and water, making it an ideal choice for beginners and busy individuals.
  4. Fragrant Aroma: Emitting a fresh and captivating fragrance, Dazzling Cat's Eye enhances the ambiance of your home environment.

Planting Recommendations:

  • 🔆Light Requirements: Dazzling Cat's Eye prefers bright environments, suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement in well-lit areas such as balconies or windowsills.
  • 💧Watering Frequency: Water moderately after the soil surface dries out, avoiding waterlogging.
  • 🍃Temperature Requirements: Maintain in warm environments, avoiding cold and extremely dry conditions.
  • Fertilizer Application: Apply general-purpose plant fertilizer during the growing season, once a month.

By following these suggestions, you can ensure that your cat's eye flower receives the proper growing conditions to maintain its beauty and health. Please fine-tune your care to your local climate and seasonal changes.

7-14 days at 60-70°F (16-21°C)

Direct seed (recommended) - As soon as the soil can be worked. Sow 1/8" deep. Thin to stand 6-9" apart when first true leaves appear. Transplant - Sow 4-5 weeks before last frost.




Fresh - 1 to 2 flowers in a spray are open.

Rich, well-drained soil.

Cryptaths Ƅiʋittatus


  • Regularly inspect leaves and flowers, removing withered or damaged parts.
  • Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight to prevent leaf damage.
  • After the flowering period ends, trim off dry and withered flowers to promote new growth.

Dazzling Cat's Eye, with its unique appearance and captivating fragrance, is a top choice for home decoration and gardening enthusiasts. Whether as a delightful surprise for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, Dazzling Cat's Eye promises to bring joy and beauty to any space.

Package Includes

~ Seeds Quantity of 50~200 (your choice).

~ Grow and Care Instructions, for your new babies!!!

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Transform your space with the captivating allure of the Cat's Eye Flower. Limited stock available, so don't miss your chance to add this unique botanical marvel to your collection.

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