Last Day Promotion 60% OFF💙 Double Delphinium Seeds(98% Germination)⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping
Last Day Promotion 60% OFF💙 Double Delphinium Seeds(98% Germination)⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping

Last Day Promotion 60% OFF💙 Double Delphinium Seeds(98% Germination)⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping

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🎁Poitna boast exceptional seed quality, ensuring a high germination rate and robust plant development. With a focus on superior seed quality, we strive to deliver a gratifying gardening experience, earning the confidence of our valued customers.❤️❤️❤️

Double-flowered Delphinium is a plant with striking multi-layered flowers.

Its inflorescences contain dense petals, forming a structure like a majestic tower, giving people a sense of elegance and splendor.

The test quality of Reder double-flowered Delphinium seeds averages 96% and can reach up to 60 inches.

Days To Bloom: 100-120 Days

The petals come in various colors, including blue, purple, pink, white, etc., presenting an intoxicating visual effect.

Suitable for planting from spring to early summer. 

It can be planted in the yard or in a vase, and even novices can easily grow it successfully.

🤩🚀Why Choose Reder’s Delphinium Seeds:
1. 🌺The flowers of double-petaled delphinium are unique and beautiful, which can become the focus of the garden and attract people's attention.
2. 🌈With a long flowering period, it can provide continuous beauty in the garden and add color throughout the growing season.
3. ☃️Relatively adaptable to cold climates, able to grow in different climate conditions, and suitable for gardens in more areas.
4. 🌞Due to its uniqueness and beauty, the double-flowered delphinium has become a favorite among flower and plant lovers, bringing a unique charm to the garden.

🌱How to plant double-flowered delphinium seeds:
1. Choose a suitable venue: Choose a place with sufficient sunlight and good ventilation.
2. Prepare the soil: Use soil that is rich in organic matter and well-drained.
3. Sow seeds: Gently sprinkle seeds on the surface of the soil, pressing lightly to ensure contact with the soil.
4. Cover and moisturize: Lightly cover with a thin layer of soil and keep moist until germination.
5. Growth environment: Ensure a warm environment, most suitable from spring to early summer.
6. Keep it moist: Keep the soil moist during the growing period, but avoid water logging.
7. Transplant or sparsely plant: After maturity, it can be transplanted to the ideal location and maintain appropriate spacing between plants.
8. Enjoy the flowering season: Wait for the flowers to bloom and appreciate the beauty of the double-petaled delphinium.


Where to Plant Delphinium Seeds

Delphinium plants like full sun to partial shade, and they will grow very quickly. They thrive in average soil and cool weather.

To keep your delphiniums blooming, you'll need to cut the main stalk once the flower petals start to fall off. Then, fertilize the soil and water the remaining side shoots. Pruning your delphiniums can help them bloom all summer long, and it'll also give you some lovely cut flowers for your home.
  1. Use supports: Stick some sturdy poles, wooden stakes, or metal frames around the plants. Insert them into the soil and secure them to the main stems or significant branches for extra support.

  2. Embrace plant grids: Set up or install plant grids around your plants and let the stems intertwine with the grid, adding stability and preventing them from flopping over.

  3. Trim and prune: Keep up with regular pruning to encourage branching and side shoots, enhancing overall structure and stability.

  4. Improve the soil: Ensure your soil is enriched with organic matter, maintaining proper moisture levels and good drainage, which promotes healthy growth and robust root development.

  5. Wind protection: In windy areas, consider using windbreak netting or fences to reduce the impact of strong winds on your plants and shield them.

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