🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality
🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality
🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality
🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality
🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality
🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality
🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality

🌼Double Portulaca Flower - The Flower Of Immortality

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🌼 Welcome to my Double Portulaca Flower world ~ the world of flowers

Sow some seeds 🌱 and let your garden bloom into a sea of Double Portulaca Flower 🌼
The Flower Of Immortality —— Double Portulaca Flower🎀
🌺【Flower Language】Immortality, Courageous Passion, Resilience, Brightness
🌟【Also Known As】Moss Rose, Sun Plant, Purslane, Rock Moss, Eleven O'Clock, Vietnam Rose, Pusley, and more.
📙【Scientific Name】Portulaca grandiflora
🌼【Appearance】The flowers of the sunflower are solitary or clustered at the apex, with 5 or multiple petals, inverted-ovate, slightly concave at the apex, 12-30 millimeters long, and come in colors such as pink, white, yellow, red, and purple.
💐【Recipient】Family, Friends, Colleagues, Couples
🌎【Origin】South America
🕒【Flowering Period】May-November

🌵How to grow moss roses:

  1. Choose the appropriate sowing time and location: Moss roses are suitable for sowing in spring or autumn. The sowing location should be sunny and well-ventilated, avoiding dark and humid environments.
  2. Prepare suitable soil and containers: Moss roses thrive in loose, well-draining soil. Flower pots or flower beds can be chosen as planting containers, ensuring that the containers have drainage holes at the bottom.
  3. Seed soaking and pre-treatment: Place moss rose seeds in warm water and soak for 12-24 hours to promote germination. If the seed coat is hard, gently rub it with sandpaper to facilitate water absorption.
  4. Proper sowing and watering: Evenly scatter the soaked seeds on the soil surface, then lightly cover with a thin layer of soil. Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering to prevent seed rot.
  5. Provide adequate light and temperature conditions: Moss roses prefer full sunlight, requiring at least 6-8 hours of sunlight exposure per day. Maintain room temperature at 20-25 degrees Celsius to facilitate seed germination and growth.
  6. Timely management and protection: Keep the soil moist but avoid overwatering. Weed regularly to maintain a conducive growth environment. Prevent pest and pathogen infestations by using appropriate pesticides.
  7. Wait for moss rose seeds to germinate and grow: Moss rose seeds typically germinate within 10-14 days. Once germinated, gradually reduce watering frequency while keeping the soil moist. Moss roses grow rapidly and usually flower within a few months.

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