🔥Last Day Promotion 70% OFF🍇-Red Grape Seeds⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping
🔥Last Day Promotion 70% OFF🍇-Red Grape Seeds⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping
🔥Last Day Promotion 70% OFF🍇-Red Grape Seeds⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping

🔥Last Day Promotion 70% OFF🍇-Red Grape Seeds⚡Buy 2 Get Free Shipping

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Home Grape Cultivation Delight

🍇 Discover the Joy of Growing Your Own Grapes at Home!

Welcome to our farm's exclusive collection of resilient red grape seeds, perfect for year-round cultivation. Imagine having abundant clusters of large, crisp, sweet, and juicy grapes right in the comfort of your home.

NameRed grapes
Scientific NameVitis vinifera
OriginMediterranean region, central Europe, and southwestern Asia
ColorsGreen when young turning to red as they matures
ShapesBerry, ellipsoid to globose, 6–25 mm diameter, with soft skin adhering to the pulp
TasteSweet and tarty taste
Major nutrientsCopper (21.33%)
Carbohydrate (21.02%)
Vitamin K (18.33%)
Vitamin B6 (10.00%)
Vitamin B1 (8.67%)
Health benefitsHair Care, Improve Cognition, Healthy Heart, Beautiful Skin, Weight Loss Anti-ageing, Helps your Kidneys, Antibacterial Activity, Asthma Fights Neuro-degenerative Diseases, Good for Eyes, Helps Knees, Improves Eyesight Healthy Brain, Fights Cancer, Anti- Inflammatory Properties

Why Choose Our Grape Seeds?

  • Winter Resilience: Thrives in various temperatures, making it perfect for year-round cultivation.
  • Adaptable to Different Soils: Shows resilience to different soil conditions, ensuring a successful harvest.
  • Perfect for Pot Cultivation: Enjoy the luxury of growing grapes in the convenience of your home with just a pot.

Taste the Difference

Our grapes are not only free from sourness but are also packed with a wealth of vitamins, providing a healthy and delicious snack for you and your family.

One-Time Planting, Yearly Harvest

Plant these seeds once, and you'll enjoy the harvest every year. Don't miss the golden time for planting – act now, and you'll be reaping the rewards in no time.

Red Grape Seeds Planting Guide

Germination Time:

Red grape seeds typically take approximately 2 to 8 weeks to germinate. The process may vary depending on factors such as temperature, moisture, and seed variety.

Sowing Methods:

  1. Indoor Sowing (Recommended):

    • Start seeds indoors in late winter or early spring.
    • Place seeds in seed-starting trays or pots filled with a well-draining seed-starting mix.
    • Plant seeds 1 inch deep and water thoroughly.
    • Maintain a consistent temperature of around 70°F (21°C) for optimal germination.
  2. Outdoor Sowing:

    • In mild climates, seeds can be sown directly into the soil in the early spring.
    • Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil.
    • Plant seeds at a depth of 1 inch, covering them lightly with soil.
    • Ensure proper watering to keep the soil consistently moist until germination.

Soil Conditions:

Red grape seeds thrive in specific soil conditions to promote healthy growth and development.

  • Well-Draining Soil: Ensure the soil drains well to prevent waterlogged conditions, which can lead to root rot.
  • pH Level: Maintain a slightly acidic to neutral pH level between 6.0 and 7.0 for optimal grape growth.
  • Rich in Organic Matter: Incorporate organic compost into the soil to provide essential nutrients.
  • Loamy Texture: A loamy soil texture with a good balance of sand, silt, and clay promotes healthy root development.

Remember to tailor these guidelines based on your specific grape variety and local growing conditions. Regular monitoring and care are crucial for successful germination and cultivation of red grape seeds.

Get Your Seeds Today!

Ignite your gardening dreams, purchase Red Grape Seeds, start a conversation with nature, and savor the sweet taste of homegrown red grapes. Each seed is an anticipation, a promise of something beautiful. Begin your planting journey now!

Package Includes:
1 Packet of Red Grape Seeds (about 20pcs - 200pcs)

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❤️ Planting Seeds of Hope! $1 Donated to UNICEF for Every Order.

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